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Hosted domains (limited list)

Mailserver for (limited list)

  • Address
  • is not acting as a mailserver for any domains.

Nameserver for (limited list)

  • Address
  • is not acting as a nameserver for any domains.

Listed in RBL's

  • RBL Listed RBL Listed
  • Spamhaus SBL AbuteAT CBL
  • Spamhaus PBL EFNet RBL
  • Spamhaus XBL SpamCop BL
  • Backscatterer SORBS

AS-Path to

AS-Path to

Route Objects

  • Route/MntBy Description
    PACNET (proxy-registered route object)
    being exported under this origin AS.
    This route object was created because no existing route
    object with the same origin was found, and since some
    ANC peers filter based on these objects this route
    may be rejected if this object is not created.
    Please contact for any related SPAM/abuse case
    Please contact if you have any other
    Questions regarding this object.


  • AS Number AS Name Description
  • AS45609 BHARTI-MOBILITY-AS-AP Bharti Airtel Ltd. AS for GPRS Service

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