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Hosted domains (limited list)

Mailserver for (limited list)

  • Address
  • is not acting as a mailserver for any domains.

Nameserver for (limited list)

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  • is not acting as a nameserver for any domains.

Listed in RBL's

  • RBL Listed RBL Listed
  • Spamhaus SBL AbuteAT CBL
  • Spamhaus PBL EFNet RBL
  • Spamhaus XBL SpamCop BL
  • Backscatterer SORBS

AS-Path to

AS-Path to

Route Objects

  • Route/MntBy Description
    Genotec AG


  • AS Number AS Name Description
  • AS1836 GREEN AG Autonomous System
    former TIC The Internet Company AG Autonomous System
    former VIA NET.WORKS CH Autonomous System
    former KPNQwest CH Autonomous System
    former EUnet CH Autonomous System

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