About Domaincrawler


The past

The DomainCrawler project started in October 2006 when Rickard Vikström had a vision of creating a database with domain/SEO-related information that, in contrast to other sites, also focused on a wide variety of ccTLDs.

During about a years time, we accumulated a large list of domain names and developed tools to gather information about them. In November 2007 we launched version 1.0 which was a really limited version compared to the services which we offer now.

The Present

Since 2006 we have done a lot of changes, including changing the full database structure a few times. We have even joined the NoSQL movement by migrating the database to couchdb.

The Future

We hope to release version 2.5 before the end of 2010, the most important change here will be that a huge increase in the amount of supported ccTLDs in the database.

Can I help?

We would greatly appreciate it if you told your friends about the site or placed a link on your website to us.

Here are some suggestions:

<a> href="http://www.domaincrawler.com">DomainCrawler </a>
<a> href="http://www.domaincrawler.com">Domain name information</a>
<a> href="http://www.domaincrawler.com">DNS toolbox</a>


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